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Give it a Go

Give it a go – (June 09)

Do you ever shy away from trying something out photographically? On our way back from running my Tuscany workshop last week we stopped off at Annecy. Sat at a street cafe in the evening with its tall buildings and cobbled streets, it started to rain. People scurry around looking for cover. Some have umbrellas, most don't. I have the Canon camera with me but no tripod. That mustn’t stop me so I find myself a drain pipe. I know that I'll end up ditching most if not all of the images, but I’ve got to try and capture the scene. I wedge the Canon against the down pipe, myself against the wall, and eye up the composition. The rain has driven some of the people into drier habitats. There is a bored waitress standing outside an empty cafe texting. A group of pedestrians walk past me into the frame on the glistening wet cobbles. Here goes. Holding my breath I very slowly squeeze the shutter, letting the camera determine when to expose. I hear the shutter release but I keep my finger where it is to minimise movement. The curtain closes and I review the image. Too difficult to see in these conditions but I'll keep it for now. Further attempts are made here and a little further down the street where a group of lads are sat outside under an umbrella drinking before calling it a day. I love a challenge and this has been one. The point of me recounting this is don’t be afraid of trying. You never know what you can achieve if you don’t try. Whether it is low light shots, switching from auto setting to aperture setting, or simply a different composition, please try and give it a go. Cameras don’t bite!

Ian Badley