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Be intimate with your camera

Be intimate with your camera – (July 09)

On the workshops I run for novices, it is usually a revelation for guests when they find out how much control they have over there camera. Whether it is an SLR or compact camera you use, really get to know it, intimately. In summer, because the light is brighter during the day, the contrast is much greater. This results in pictures that are either too bright or too dark where you want it to be exposed correctly. Without getting too technical here, this is because you camera is averaging out the light and dark areas together and as such, can compromises the image. Have a look at your camera instructions or the menu on your camera for ‘Exposure Compensation’. As it says on the tin so to speak, this tool allows you to compensate for your camera and choose which tones in your image are important to you. If you want to darken a light area so that it doesn’t look burnt out, you under expose using this exposure compensation dial on your camera. Correspondingly, if you want to see detail in the shadows, you can over expose this area from what the camera thinks is right. You can do this in varying amounts to capture the exact detail that you want. Have a go. It is a most useful tool. All you’ve got to do is find where it is on your camera.

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Ian Badley