New Camera? New equipment?

It's Christmas Day and I'm waiting for Julia - aren't I always - to join me and get out for some fresh air with a walk over the 'Forest to the pub for a swift half. So I'm not really 'sad' writing this on Christmas Day.

It got me thinking, how many have received that new camera; lens; piece of equipment as a present today or are going to treat themselves in the sales when they start tomorrow. Always remember that the camera is the tool that is used to record the image that YOU see. So unless YOU see it, the camera cannot record it. Once you've seen it, you can then put the tools to work. In order to do that, you have to know how to work it. Modern cameras can do so much. Soon I'm sure that they'll make the photographer redundant - only joking, I hope!

When you do get new kit, make sure you read the bumph that comes with it. Understand how your tools work and know how to get what you want out of them. You would be surprised how many turn up on workshops that don't know their way around their camera or lens. I'm sure that doesn't apply to those reading this, but as in most things, knowledge is key.

Julia's now ready so I'm off out.

Happy Christmas.