Guitars and cameras - just tools..

I bought another guitar recently. It's the same make as one of my others; the same type even; but it has a different veneer, different pickups and sounds different albeit subtly. Why am I telling you this? As a professional photographer, I used to have a number of different cameras which I would use for different jobs. Guitars are no different. Guitarists use different guitars to give different sounds for different pieces of music.

Nowadays, I don't need different cameras. Yes, I need a number of cameras, especially for my yacht photography where I have different lenses on a number of bodies, but one type of camera could do all of my jobs nowadays. My Nikon D800e fits the bill perfectly. There really isn't another camera I yearn for or think I need any more. So much so, that I will be upgrading one of my older bodies to another D800 soon.

The old days of having different cameras for different jobs are probably long gone now with the efficiency of modern models. Yet despite all this, many keep buying the latest newcomer. Of course, with many new retro styled models reaching the website storefronts, the traditional look of a bygone era, augmented with bound in a leather half case maybe, certainly draws on the essence of a quality classic product. And with all that modern technology inside, ever increasing in its performance, superb photographs are guaranteed aren't they? Ur no.

Just like my new guitar, (in fact it's old but that's being pedantic), it looks really nice with its flame maple top. It sounds sublime with its PAF pickups. It plays really well with an action as smooth as silk. But unfortunately it has me plucking the strings. As good as the guitar is, it doesn't play itself. I drive it. So unless I practise, I'm not going to get the best out of it. I know I know, you've heard it all before and I make no bones about this. With any skill, you have to practice.

With any tool - and that's all the camera is - you have to have the skills to use it. I constantly practice as I always strive to improve. I take guidance when I want to learn a new technique or a different way of doing something. I might be good at some elements of the art but I'm not good at all. I experiment with different styles, some are successes and some are failures, but I persevere. My Newsletters always sign off with, "Keep Practising - I am." There's a reason for that - I want to get better