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Get up early to capture the dawn

Get up early to capture the dawn

Getting up early at this time of the year is tough, but the rewards are great and more than make up for the initial discomfort. This is a necessary facet of my trade and one you can share and enjoy too.

To catch the best of the light at this time of year, sunrise is preferential to sunset, as there is generally less haze and the light is ‘cleaner’. In mid August sunrise is around 0545am so I generally like to be in my chosen position about an hour before. Clients attending my Photography Workshops are usually amazed how quickly the light then changes from dark to light and that’s before the sun rises!

I always take a head torch with me and prepare my camera equipment the night before. Familiarity with your camera is essential to stop you fumbling in the dark. To practice, try altering your camera settings in a darkened room before hand.

Usually, I start shooting just as the first colours of the dawn start to appear and continue on until around an hour after sunrise. At this time of year with the beautiful colours of the heather in the New Forest, dawn, perhaps with a little mist in the valleys, is an ideal time to capture the wonder. So don’t just lie there, get up, out and capture the magic.

Keep practicing!

Ian Badley