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Get down and dirty

Get down and dirty

All too often you are out walking, come over a hill and see a magnificent view. Out comes the camera – click, click, click, image recorded. But what view will you see if you move to the left 150 meters, or move to the other side of that tree? Often if you do, the scene is even better. Don’t forget, everyone else will probably have walked over the same hill as you, seen the same scene and taken the same image.

There is an old saying amongst photographers that the best shot is just over the next hill and often it is true. When I am planning a shot, I research the location and then have a good long walk around the area to see if there is a better position from which to take the shot. By moving around you may be able to find an original image which will make it all the more satisfying and probably a better shot for doing so.

Likewise move your body position higher or lower if you can. As the perspective changes so does the shot. Don’t be shy about kneeling down or even lying down to take the shot. Consider taking the view looking through some wispy grasses and of course I don’t have to suggest turning the camera through 90 degrees to shoot the scene with the camera vertically do I.
Or do I?

Have fun.
Keep practicing!

Ian Badley