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Frosty Mornings

It may be hard getting out of bed, all snuggled under the duvet, but it’s even better coming home to a large mug of steaming tea and a cooked breakfast having photographed the crisp, morning frost, lit by the first rays of a winter dawn. Wrap up warm and try to get out about half an hour before sunrise. At this time of the year that’s around 7.30 so no big deal. Ponds, streams and even boggy areas are good as you’ll find that the wispy grasses around attract the hoarfrost. There may be some mist to add to the atmosphere. As your feet crunch on the ground, look down at the ice puddles. Some fantastic graphical formations can be found in these frozen realms. Move around and see how the light hits the ice creating stunning abstract images. If we’re lucky(?) enough to have snow, try taking control. Read your manual and find out how to increase your exposure a little. It will make the snow whiter, but more about that another time. Oh, by the way, as it’s icy, make sure you don’t slip!

Have fun and keep practicing - I am!