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April - the time for bluebells. Those carpets of bluebells amongst dappled sunlight streaming through the branches of deciduous woodland; the curvaceous shape of a single stem with its head drooping in a nonchalant way; the breeze causing a blue ‘Mexican wave’ in the woods; all evocative of this time of year. All we as photographers have to do is capture it. First things first, finding the location. The New Forest has a few areas, around Ober water at the back of New Park for instant. The Forest of Bere near Wickham is good, but perhaps the best is Micheldever woods. As for the best time, around the 18th to 25th April is usually best but it does vary from year to year. Also, bright sunlight is not as good as a day with cloud cover, particularly if you are a film user as opposed to digital. Now, as I’ve said before in this column, try to think outside the box when composing the picture. Think about the wide shot; think about the close up; think about the high shot looking down but most of all just think about the shot and what you intend to portray. I hope this helps?
Keep practicing – I am.

Ian Badley