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'Join Me' Round the Island

Saturday 1st July 2017
'Join Me' for a Day on the Solent capturing the action in the annual Round the Island yacht race.

This ‘Join Me’ Workshop, follows on from the success of the ‘On the Water’ workshops run in previous years.

This year, I will be chartering a large RIB with skipper, for a day photographing the yacht racing on the Solent during this fantastic event - getting close to the action.

The boat is fully licensed to carry 12 persons (plus crew) up to 60 miles offshore, but I shall be limiting numbers to just 6 persons including myself to give us plenty of room on deck and we won’t be going any where near 60 miles offshore! The precise details will be finalised when the racing schedule is known, but the day will start from Southampton around 4:45am (yep, that's correct, 4:45am) provisionally. We’ll then motor out to Cowes to watch the leading group start and follow them out to the Needles where we shall wait on station for the rest of the fleet to make there way round, before motoring before returning during the early afternoon. We shall make a comfort stop at Yarmouth during the morning as there are no 'facilities' on board!

I will be able to advise where, what and how to photograph in these conditions as well as providing general advice as required, but note that this is a 'Join Me' so I will be taking my own images as well. You can read more about 'Join Me' workshops here

Okay, some things about the Solent and the racing. First of all, the Solent has a certain ‘choppiness’, which although not usually great, does create a motion that some find unpleasant. The racing boats and general traffic in the Solent create a wake which means that our boat, is moving and rocking all day. This makes it sometimes difficult to secure footing and all the fresh air together with keeping upright will make you tired at the end of the day. This is Britain, and although early summer, it may(sic) rain! It may also be windy. There may be no wind and the racing slow. Irrespective of all this negativity, we shall, (except under force majeure), still be going.

Having said all that, those that went on the previous year’s event this year raved about it. You can read some of the Guest Comments from Workshops here You can also have a look at the ’Images from Workshops’ page here to see some of the images taken by guests.

Upon booking, you will be advised on what equipment and clothing you will need, which most photographers will possess already, with the possible exception of a waterproof camera and lens cover. There will also be advice on sea sickness prevention as well. In previous years year there has been no ‘mal de mer’ though! On the day, a full safety briefing will be carried out by the skipper prior to departure and then I will advise on suggested camera settings; what to look for; what to look out for etc to enable you to gain the most from the day. Full wet weather gear will be required which can be supplied and life jacket will be worn at all times on board, which will be provided. Owing to the natures of riding on a RIB, this trip is not recommended for anyone with a bad back or who is pregnant.

The cost will be £260 per person which includes tea and coffee together with the snack box of bananas, chocolate bars, snack bars and of course, Julia’s flapjack. Numbers are limited, so if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, then email me here requesting a booking form.